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delightful dresses & dirty dancing

September 18, 2011

Okay, so picture the scene: It’s the holidays, you’ve indefinitely decided that studying is nothing short of “lame” and all your friends live a bajillion miles away so catching a train to see them is “just too hard”. The pool is filthy and you’re too lazy it’s too hot to go for a walk, so what do you do? The answer is simple. Watch a movie. 

Yesterday evening I decided to plunge into the world of sixties mayhem – the summer of ’63. Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey I’m quite obviously talking the oscar-winning film Dirty Dancing. The film is a classic coming-of-age story from the perspective of ‘Baby’, a girl who goes to a holiday camp with her family and falls in love with the dance teacher. The film not only strives to show the antithesis between the affluent vacationers and staff of the camp but provides viewers with a solid romance and a generally entertaining plot-line. The film also displays the cyclical nature of fashion trends as I couldn’t help but notice that many of the styles can currently be seen on girls all over town. For this reason I decided I’d do a post on fashion inspiration from Dirty Dancing. Enjoy!

Dancing away to the mambo

(Photo credit:;

You can find several dresses which are similar to the one worn by Baby while dancing the “mambo madness” from Sportsgirl. Prices for these dresses range from $89.95 AUD to $149.95 AUD.

I’m having the time of my life and I’ve never felt this way before

 (Photo credit:;;

The above pictures show my casual interpretation of Baby’s little white dress. Try pairing a Wet Seal Tiered Lace Tank with American Eagle Denim Mini Short and original Keds.

Who’s that? Oh, them. They’re the dance people.

(Photo credit:; 

For a more ‘Johnny Castle’ look go for all black with dark wayfarers.

And that concludes my post on fashion inspiration from Dirty Dancing, it is an absolutely fantastic movie and I would encourage you all to watch it if you’ve never seen it.

With love,



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