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5(00) Days of Sydney: Strayed Sightseeing

September 24, 2011

Rachael and I arrived in Sydney yesterday so I decided to compile a list of my top 3 highlights of the day. Enjoy!

1. Getting Lost: Okay, so most people *coughrachaelcough* don’t enjoy getting lost, I on the other hand relish the opportunity to discover hidden parts of a city. On our way to Circular Quay we somehow ended up near The Rocks causing us to suffer enjoy a lengthy walk to our desired destination. However, positives of this included walking under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and having a fantastic photo opportunity of the Sydney Opera House


2. Shopping: What would a trip to Sydney be with0ut hitting the shops? Rather depressing. After our “lengthy walk” Rachael and I decided to do some retail therapy to sooth our aching feet. And yes, posing with mannequins is an essential part of the sydney shopping experience. I love the quotes on the stairs in the first photograph… “anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness, has never gone shopping.” 

3. The Cupcake Bakery: If you ever visit Sydney The Cupcake Bakery is most definitely a “must visit” eatery, the bakery has a small and homy feel, is easy to locate (it’s in the city centre – George Street!) and has millions of different cupcakes to choose from (well almost :P) Rachael brought a Sticky Date Cupcake for her mum (which she lost at a later point, that girl never ceases to amaze me :P) and I purchased a Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake for myself my dad of course. Unfortunately due to transportation issues I had to do the nobel deed and eat the cupcake. After getting large amounts of Vanilla icing in my hair I can attest that “the devil tastes like vanilla”.


And that concludes my highlights from yesterday. 🙂


Top, Country Road. Jumper, Survival. Shorts, Valleygirl. Beret, Sportsgirl. Shoes, Converse.

I hope everyone is having amazing holidays!

With Love,



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